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ScratchArt Draw app


ScratchArt Draw” is an easy to use drawing application for kids.
It uses two layers: A bottom layer that you can fill with colours.
The top layer is a black layer in which you can scratch.
As a result, you get funny drawings. 

It is available for Windows 10. The Android version is not maintained anymore.
Keeping an app in Apples app store costs 100 euro a year...
Originally created for Android (Java), Windows Phone (C#) and iOS (Objective C).


Build your own media server and player

     Recipe for building a media server and high end player on a Raspberry Pi
with Logitech
Media Server, a HifiBerry DAC+ DSP, Spotify, USB CD player.
The modification in the power supply improves the quality a lot and makes it high end.


Build your own active loudspeaker


More than 50 years ago I built my first loudspeaker.
Many followed and I am still fascinated in designing a new one.
This one left has built-in amplifiers with electronic crossover.

Look here for some projects.


Build your own pre-amplifier

   An active loudspeaker requires a preamplifier when you
have multiple audio sources like TV, turntable, Bluetooth, 
media player, CD-player, etc.
This one contains a Raspberry PI for audio streaming (LMS).
An app or an infra red remote control can be used for channel en volume
You can rip CD's as well controlled by an app.
Track information and cover image are automatically retrieved.
The volume control uses a nice LED strip to indicate the level.


Build your own audio switch

   If you have an active loudspeaker, you might want to turn
it on automatically when the music starts.
This is what an audio switch does.
A low audio signal switches on a SSR (that switches the mains).
After about 5 minutes without music, the SSR is switched off.


Node-RED projects


You want to build an app for your phone to show the smart meter results?
You want to control something in your house (e.g. roller shutter) using your phone?

If you have basic understanding of software, you can do this with
Node-RED. This is a relatively simple programming environment
and gives a lot of fun because with a few clicks you have something working.





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