“ScratchArt Draw” is an easy to use drawing application for kids.
It is available for Windows 10. It still exists for Android devices but is not maintained anymore.

It uses two layers.
The top layer is a black layer in which you can scratch.
As a result, you see the colors of the bottom layer.

Have a look at the ScratchArt Examples

Getting started

  • Start filling the white bottom layer with fancy colors.
  • Next, press the button to show the black top layer.
  • When drawing, the black color is scratched away and the colors from the bottom layer become visible.
    You will create surprising pictures with this app!
  • When ready, save your drawing. Next, you can share it with your friends and family
  • adding text
  • adding pictures
  • mixing of colors (giving funny results)

But of course, you can also use the application for creating fancy drawings.



In 2014 I started to write this app for Android (written Java), Windows (written in C#) and iPhone (written in Objective C) just to learn.
Only the Windows version still can be found in the Microsoft Store. 
Having an app in the Apple Store costs about 100 euro a year (too much for this app).